Flower delivery


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Delivery terms

  • Flowers delivery is available only in Vilnius (city) or in Vilnius region.
  • We deliver flowers from 9 a.m to 8 p.m.,  on weekdays – from Monday to Friday, and Saturday.
  • Orders can be delivered at any time of the day at your chosen time interval or at the exact time (up to 60 minutes sooner or later.)
  • Interval time delivery in Vilnius (city) for oders up to 40€ cost 7€. Delivery in Vilnius region – 9 €. For orders above 40€ interval time delivery in Vilnius (city) is free. Free delivery in Vilnius region is not available. It is mean, that in Vilnius region interval time delivery cost 9€ anyway.
  • Order delivery in exact time  (+- 60 min) cost extra 5 €.
  • The earliest order delivery will be done within 3 hours of receipt of the payment.
  • On Monday – Friday we will deliver on the same day if you make an order until 5 pm., Saturday until 14 am.

Delivery in Vilnius

Order from 40 € or more

Order less than 40 €

Exact delivery time (+-30 min)


Delivery price

Delivery in Vilnius region

Flower delivery in Vilnius region

Exact delivery time (+-30 min)


Delivery price

Payment options

As soon as we will see your payment we will confirm it by email that we got your order and started processing it. If there will be some questions with your order or we will need more information then we will contact you.

Frequently asked questions

What to do if address of the recipient or time when recipient will be at home is uknown?

In this case, it is necessary to indicate the recipient’s telephone number. Before flowers delivery, we will call the recipient and tell that we have to deliver the letter or parcel, in that way we will find out all the information like where and when to find the recipient.

Where can I find bank account number for money transfer?

Click on flower box or bouquet you like and follow the links that will take you directly to the payment page.

Is there a possible delivery for the same day order?

Yes, if we get order till 5 p.m. on monday – thursday, and till 12 a.m. on friday. We receive an order within 15 – 30 minutes from the transfer of money.

Can I choose exact flowers delivery time?

Yes. You can choose exact flowers delivery time +-30 minutes interval. Exact delivery time cost extra 4 € to interval delivery.

Is it possible to add gift, that is not in Gintaresgeles.lt assortment, for example, favorit candies?

In this case, please contact us. We always carry out costumer requests, if we can.

How to make an order?

It is realy easy to do. Just click on the flower bouquet you like and follow the steps. First of all, you need to choose product features – color, flower quantity, etc. (if there are any options) The next step is to choose a gift card, leave the text you want inside and choose delivery type. Finally,  you need to enter all information of you, flower recipient, delivery details and choose a payment type – here you will be redirected to pay. After successful payment you will receive an order confirmation email.

How can i get an invoice?

Pleace enter all information of your company and you will receive the invoice email after delivery.

Can I change color of flowers, flower box, the bouquet composition or flower box size?

We are always ready to carry out costumer requests, so contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will find the right solution together.

What to do if the bouquet does not have the choise of the amount of flowers you want?

Click section “Cut flowers“ there you can choose some units of flowers you want.

In what language can I enter text to the gift card?

We print text on the gift card, so you can enter text in any language.

Can I order flowers to deliver directly to the celebration?

Yes, we have visited many celebrations such as Christening, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

How to add a gift card?

When you add flower bouquet to the shoping cart, the next step will be to choose gift card and enter text you want inside.

How to know when flowers were delivered?

Immediately after flowers delivery you will receive email confirming the completed order.

Why do I need to enter information about myself?

Information about sender is necessary because of unexpected occurrences. We call the sender if we can not contact the recipient, there are nobody at home, etc.