To make a loved one happy, we usually give a bouquet of flowers. However, next to colorful flowers, you can add a happy surprise – a gift, many of which are offered by florist companies. Each gift can be personalized with suitable notes or drawings and delivered together with flowers at the specified time and address.

The variety of gifts is amazing. One of the most popular are animals made of high-quality artificial roses of all colors. A handmade scented teddy bear or unicorn with a ribbon or heart will surprise and delight not only children. This gift is perfect for a birthday or a romantic Valentine’s Day.

A beautiful and suitable gift for any occasion – colorful embroidered towels packed in boxes with cute or funny notes, original piggy banks, photo frames, vanity mirrors. Along with flowers, it is very popular to give scented candles, even cups or glasses that can be decorated with engraved wishes. Unique happy moments will be provided by bouquets of sweets, playful bath bubbles of different scents, chocolate or shiny confetti packed in a flower box will surprise you. A stylish and tasteful gift – a handmade decoration for the home. It is a word or phrase made of wood to express your feelings, memories or thanks. A loved one will always be happy with cheerful little things: a glass bottle with a note inside, a plant in a can, a love lock or a luminous cushion.

Don’t be afraid to choose quality, original or even witty gifts. A cute little thing received together with a multicolored bouquet of flowers will create endless good emotions and fill the day with warmth, coziness and romance.

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