Flowers of mourning

Mourning flowers are flowers that will help to express sincere sympathy to people who have lost a loved one. We are here to help you choose the most suitable flowers, bouquets or boxes for mourning during this difficult time. With the mourning flowers we sell, you can decorate the graves of loved ones who have passed away, decorate them on funerals or other important dates.

Mourning flowers

We can offer fresh, traditional mourning flowers such as white roses, lilies, eustomas, chrysanthemums, carnations. We sell these or other flowers you want individually or tie them into your desired bouquets. In our culture, white color is a sign of mourning and sadness, so we can offer flower combinations of this color. However, we make flower arrangements according to your wishes and, if necessary, we try to change the colors of the flowers, to incorporate not necessarily white flowers, but also other pastel or brighter colors.

Mourning boxes

We also make unconventional but unique mourning boxes. They include coordinated flowers of your choice, the box itself is tied with a black ribbon, and a black card with your thoughts written on it can also be attached to the box. Mourning boxes are gradually replacing mourning wreaths, because they look really beautiful, elegant, and the flowers stand in water, so they don’t bloom for a long time.

You can order mourning flowers quickly and conveniently in our online store. If you are unable to come to the memorial hall or the funeral, but you want to contribute at least a little not only with thoughts, but also with deeds in the difficult hour of loss, order mourning flowers online. Choose the delivery date and time, and our courier will deliver the ordered flowers directly to the armory, funeral or to the grave. We provide the service in Vilnius and Vilnius districts.