Edible bouquets

Dutch art popularized the genre of still life – as early as the 17th century artists painted banquet tables covered with compositions of flowers, fruits. Today’s florists are surprising with their ingenuity in creating edible bouquets. Candies, fruits, nuts, cheese or sausages – in a clever combination, everything can turn into a wonderful edible composition.

When a holiday or an anniversary is approaching, you often run out of ideas for a gift. Flowers always come to the rescue – they are beautiful, fragrant, colorful, and perfectly convey our attention and feelings. However, the multicolored bouquet can be interpreted in a completely different way, creating not only a delicate but also a delicious combination. Edible bouquets are an original, unique and practical gift. Taking into account the interests of a loved one, you can choose the products to be added to the bouquet, their colors and flavors.

For those with a sweet tooth, edible bouquets of chocolates, gummies, original cookies or various fruits are offered. A magical box can be given as a bouquet, in which not only sweets, but also beautiful words and wishes are hidden. You can prepare a delicious bouquet for your husband, father or boss from your favorite snacks or products with untested flavors. It will be an unusual and practical gift that will give you good emotions and will be consumed with pleasure. A beloved friend, mother or sister will be really happy with an edible bouquet of fruits, berries or nuts as a gift.

Edible bouquets created by professional florists are unique, the fruits, sweets or other products in each of them differ in shape and size, besides, you can choose the size of the bouquet, the color of the packaging and the amount of ingredients according to your personal preferences. In all cases, it is an individual play of taste, colors and ideas that meets the customer’s needs.

Each edible bouquet is a small celebration and a happy surprise for the person who received it. It’s a great gift idea and an opportunity to give your loved ones endless of the best emotions.

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