Irises are flowers with brightly colored and uniquely shaped flowers. The biggest advantage of these flowers is that irises are suitable as gifts not only for women, but also for men. Especially bright blue or purple irises are a common choice when congratulating a man. Meanwhile, women like both blue and white or pink irises. Irises are popular all year round, so it is customary to give these flowers as a gift in both cold and warm seasons. Irises are characterized by long thin stems, so to get a beautiful bouquet consisting of irises alone, you need more of them than broad-flowered and thick-stemmed flowers. For this reason, irises can often be seen in various flower bouquets. They are suitable in bouquets due to their bright color, blue or purple irises are especially common. These flowers go well with alstroemerias, gerberas or roses. Yellow or white flowers of other types are especially suitable for blue irises. Irises are somewhat non-traditional flowers, so if you want a more interesting flower than the usual red rose or tulip, irises are a great choice. Of course, if the occasion is very special or the culprit of the celebration is a very special person to you, you can always give a bouquet consisting of irises only. Many irises in one bouquet will create a truly unforgettable image and stunning effect. In this case, there should be at least 13 – 15 irises in the bouquet, you can add some greenery that will highlight the color of the irises and the beauty of the flowers. With irises, you can express various warm feelings, especially friendship, joy, sincerity, wish for success or apologize. Since these flowers are especially suitable for giving to men, irises are often used to greet fathers on Father’s Day or husbands on Men’s Day.