Freesias are special flowers. The flowers of this species are characterized by small flowers and a wonderful fragrance. Freesias look beautiful in mixed flower bouquets and flower boxes, but bouquets or boxes that consist only of freesias leave the greatest impression. These flowers do not have leaves and, as already mentioned, are characterized by small flowers, so to create a good-looking bouquet, you need more flower units than, for example, roses. Therefore, it is recommended to give more freesias on any occasion according to the appropriate occasion. For example: if you were to give 5-7 roses to a loved one on the occasion of a small celebration, you would need twice as many freesias to create a similar effect. The same applies to important holidays – if a suitable bouquet on the occasion of an anniversary would look like 21 roses, then there should be at least 31 freesias, so that the bouquet looks more solid and graceful. These flowers come in a variety of colors, so choosing a color will not be difficult – you will find the one you like the most. Freesias are a common gift for both men and women, but the elegance, delicacy and value of these flowers are best understood by the fairer sex.