Valentine's day flowers

If it is difficult to choose which flowers will make a woman or girl the happiest on the occasion of February 14, we will advise you. Everyone associates February 14 with romance, love, hearts and the color red. That is why you will never be asked to pass if you choose a bouquet of red flowers or shades of red for a girl. February 14 is Valentine’s Day, so one day a year you can indulge in romantic and “sweet” details, even if you don’t do it every day. Hearts, ribbons, sequins and all sorts of embellishments are just what feels right on Valentine’s Day. Red roses wrapped in bright floral paper, a beautiful red ribbon next to white lilies or a flower box decorated with glitter will perfectly match the theme of the celebration and leave a good impression on the recipient of the flowers. Of course, if you want subtlety, you can do without “sweet” details, but we still recommend choosing flowers that symbolize love, passion and other warm feelings, such as roses, lilies, eustomas or freesias. It is much more important to choose the right flowers – the right bouquet or type of flowers, than their quantity, the size of the bouquet. Of course, the size of the bouquet is also important – a small bouquet of roses, for example, will surprise and delight a woman, but a large and abundant bouquet of the same roses will simply overwhelm her. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to show attention and express love, which can honestly be done with a bouquet of 101 roses, as well as with a few beautiful flowers or a small flower box. It is necessary to mention that no type of flower is more suitable for one or another holiday than the recipient’s favorite. If only your loved one has a favorite type of flower and you know it, choose your favorite flowers. After all, Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, and love is best expressed not only with flowers, but also with attention, so the other half will be happy to receive their favorite flowers.