Eustomas are elegant and aristocratic flowers. Although these flowers appear small and delicate at first glance, their delicate rose-like blooms will enchant everyone. Many eustomas look amazing in one bouquet, but these flowers also go very well with other flowers forming mixed bouquets. Eustomas are usually placed in bouquets with twigs, but these twigs do not give the bouquet too much volume. For this reason, eustomas are often confused with other flowers that are characterized by wide flowers or flower-rich branches. It is necessary to mention that eustomas are ideal for flower boxes. The same principle applies here – you would need a lot of eustomas to fill the box, so eustomas are placed in the flower box as an accent to supplement, enliven or beautify the composition. These luxuriously shining flowers come in a variety of colors – green, white, pink, purple and even variegated (for example, white and purple). Eustomas, like roses, are universal flowers and are suitable as gifts for both men and women and for any occasion. Depending on the number of eustomas or the size of the bouquet, several eustomas can be given as a gift for a name day or birthday, while a large bouquet of eustomas is ideal for an anniversary, wedding or wedding anniversary. As for the symbolism of these flowers, they symbolize fidelity and elegance, and by giving eustomas you can express the warmest feelings – love, care and joy. Surprise your loved ones by sending flowers that radiate luxury, grandeur and elegance, which will not only lift the mood of any recipient, but will also become a beautiful decoration of his home.