Roses are undoubtedly the most popular gifting flowers. They are suitable for all occasions, seasons and all types of people. This is not for nothing – the rose has long been considered a symbol of elegance and grandeur, so nothing looks more majestic and impressive than a bouquet of deep red roses. Roses have many meanings, so they are given to everyone. Red roses can represent love and passion, which is why loved ones give them to each other. Nevertheless, red roses can also be a symbol of respect, solidarity and power, which is why roses of this color are often given as an anniversary gift to both men and women. Roses of other colors can symbolize many other things: white – loyalty, yellow – friendship, etc. In any case, roses always look refined and aristocratic, no matter what color they are. Roses come in different types and lengths. The longer the stem of the rose and the larger the flower, the more luxurious and majestic the rose. Therefore, the image of a bouquet of roses depends not only on the color, but also on the length of the rose. The same rule applies here – for a more modest celebration, you can choose shorter (50-60 cm) roses, but when congratulating on a special celebration, you should choose longer, more luxurious roses. It should be noted that roses are suitable for both men and women, but certain colors of roses are more suitable for one or the other. For example, pink roses are more suitable to give as a gift to women, as pink flowers are generally considered more suitable for women. Meanwhile, we suggest men choose bright roses of other colors – yellow, orange, variegated. Bright blue roses, which have quickly become popular, are also more suitable as gifts for women. It sounds unexpected, because blue is considered a male color, but roses of such an unusual color are actually very popular with the fairer sex.