Greeting cards

It’s always more fun to receive a gift when it’s personalized just for you. Cards are one of the simplest and most symbolic options for easily enlivening a gift. A great gift option is a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a cute card to match it.

In Gintarės Gėlės store, you will find a wide selection of postcards that you can easily match with your chosen gift or flower bouquet. A postcard takes on meaning when you leave a sweet message, a wish, a meaningful quote or simply mention the person’s name. In this way, the addressee will feel special and feel what emotions you wanted to convey, understand the essence of the gift. Postcards are suitable for both children and adults. You can make the little addressee happy with a funny picture of the card, and the elders with a beautiful, meaningful message or a fun memory for the two of you. Cards are perfect for any occasion, be it birthdays, christenings, weddings, love or other festive days. This gift has lasting value – it will always remind you of you and make you smile.

A great example of enduring value is the story of postcards. Do you know how this tradition came about? Although the fashion of congratulating your relatives and friends with notes prevailed even before our era in Ancient China, especially during the New Year, the oldest surviving postcard in Europe dates back to the 14th-15th centuries origin. At the time, it was a sign of luxury, when only the rich gave love notes to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. There is a postcard preserved in London, shrouded in legends that Charles, Duke of Orléans, wrote it to his lover and sent it via courier while imprisoned in the Tower of London.

Today we can all show our love, gratitude and respect with the help of a postcard and the message left in it. In recent years, the sale of postcards in the world has decreased by as much as 75 percent, let’s revive this tradition and make our loved ones happy with a heart-warming note.