Modern flower growers use science to search for more and more interesting flower colors, and florists are creatively adapting innovations to create wonderful bouquets. Every flower deserves our attention, and even such a seemingly inconspicuous plant as a gypsophila, when properly presented, sounds like an unexpected rooster. Gypsophila Paniculata is a perennial shrub that adorns itself with a “cloud” of white or pink tiny flowers on graceful branches and is planted as a background plant to fill empty spaces in the flower garden. For the same purpose, gypsophila is used in floristic compositions next to brighter flowers.

When a holiday or an anniversary is approaching, flowers always come to the rescue – they are beautiful, fragrant, colorful, and perfectly convey our attention and feelings. When congratulating a loved one, we try to take into account the interests, character or even age of the recipient of the bouquet. It is customary to give expensive flowers: roses, orchids on a solemn occasion. However, let’s try to soften the impression and incorporate a few branches of gypsophila – this will give the bouquet originality and completeness.

A young girl will definitely like a single-color bouquet of pink or lilac gypsophila, tied with a satin ribbon. A bouquet of soft-colored gypsophila given to a teenager will look like a cute little cloud in a gift box. Even the smell of the gypsophila used in the bouquet can evoke memories of the sea and the beach of Neringa full of these flowers…

Properly packed, fragrant and delicate sprigs of gypsophila sound great on their own, and combined with bright or, on the contrary, gentle small flowers, create a wonderful light composition that will surely make a loved one happy.