LED helium balloons

Luminous balloons are helium-filled balloons with LED lights. Single-color or colorful LED lights integrated inside the balloons create a romantic atmosphere when the general lighting of the room is dimmed or during the dark of the day. These balloons are waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors. The LED balloon lights up to 24 hours.

Helium used to fill balloons is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable inert gas. Filled with this lighter-than-air gas, the balloon rises up and is perfect not only for children’s games, but also for adult entertainment. Depending on the environmental conditions and temperature, such a balloon remains decorative for about a day. In order to keep balloons filled with helium gas from deflating for as long as possible, balloon manufacturers have developed Hi-Float technology: before filling the balloon with gas, its interior is coated with a special material that prevents helium atoms from “escapeing”. This technology keeps the shape of the balloon several times longer.

Illuminated LED helium balloons can be of various colors and shapes: heart-shaped LED balloons – for a romantic gift, star-shaped – for a birthday, white – for a wedding party, colored – for a children’s party. Lightly rising or “floating” LED balloons can perfectly decorate spaces for any occasion. Balloons with a print give uniqueness to a personal celebration and become an excellent advertising tool at a company event. Illuminated balloons are perfect for decorating a restaurant or club space.

High-quality multi-colored luminous LED helium balloons floating in the air are a wonderful highlight of the party, creating an exceptional romantic mood and many memorable moments, bringing a lot of joy to both young and old party participants.

Держит до 24 часовLasts up to 24 hoursLaikosi iki 24 valandų