Helium balloons with confetti

Helium balloons of various colors and shapes are a nice gift for a loved one, a great decoration of a celebration space or an advertising tool at a company event. Balloons with colorful or shiny confetti add charm to the variety of helium balloons.

Helium used to fill balloons is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable inert gas. Filled with this lighter-than-air gas, the balloon rises up and is perfect not only for children’s games, but also for adult entertainment. Depending on the environmental conditions and temperature, such a balloon remains decorative for about a day.

Confetti helium balloons used for party decoration will create endless happy emotions. The imagination of helium balloon specialists is limitless. Confetti helium balloons are perfect for any party or personal celebration. For example, balloons for a baby shower can be decorated with pink or blue confetti, for weddings – with white or shiny confetti. Helium balloons with colored or shiny confetti are suitable for a birthday or children’s party, and for a national holiday – with confetti in the colors of the Lithuanian flag and tricolor ribbons.

If you cannot attend the party, you will surprise the “culprit” of the celebration by sending him “balloons in a box”. This is a set of helium balloons packed in a box of your choice. When you open this gift, the effect will be stunning as the balloons rise into the air and the confetti falls.

Another alternative: if you want transparent balloons like soap bubbles, BUBBLE balloons, which can be filled with colored or shiny confetti, are perfect. Giant balloons can also be filled with various confetti. Even one or several helium balloons with a diameter of 0.5 – 1 m with “stuffing” will be enough to make the holiday mood upbeat.

Confetti helium balloons are a wonderful surprise for a loved one and countless happy moments at a children’s party.

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