Alstroemerias are multi-colored flowers that look beautiful alone, but their small flowers are especially appreciated in bouquets. Alstormerias are characterized by long stems, which makes them perfect for the composition of various mixed bouquets, not to mention their color and the splendor of their flowers. These flowers can be of various colors, but they always look bright and colorful. Beautiful bouquets are also created, consisting only of alstroemeria – of one color, several or even a dozen. For example, a bouquet made of white alstroemeria will look elegant, majestic and flawless. And a bouquet made of alstroemeria of different colors – for example, pink, red and yellow will look not only beautiful, but also playful. This means that these flowers are universally suitable with other flowers and with each other, and the mood and image of the bouquet depends on what color alstroemerias are selected and combined. Alstroemerias are not classified as majestic, luxurious and aristocratic flowers, so these flowers symbolize sincerity, friendship, joy and loyalty. For this reason, alstroemeria is most suitable for giving as a gift to people with whom you have a very strong, warm and close relationship. It can be friends, colleagues, acquaintances or family members. With these colorful small flowers, you can express the most sincere feelings – friendship, care or even longing. Colorful alstroemeria flowers carry with them positive emotions and good mood, so every recipient will be delighted to receive a playful bouquet for any occasion. It must be emphasized that alstroemerias are one of those flowers that stand out for their longer flowering than most other flowers. This means that a picked alstroemeria usually blooms longer than, for example, a rose or a tulip, so the recipient of the flowers will be able to enjoy the flowers that will decorate their home for longer.