Tulips are one of the most feminine flowers, it is not for nothing that they are the flower of the Woman’s day, the symbol of this day. These flowers come in various colors, so when choosing a bouquet of beautiful flowers for a woman, it is really easy to choose the most favorite color that will not leave a woman or a girl indifferent. Tulips are suitable as a gift not only on the occasion of Women’s Day, but also for congratulating on any other spring holiday. Tulips are flowers that bring sincerity and good emotions. They have never been majestic, solemn and refined flowers, but it is enough to receive a small bouquet of colorful tulips, and good emotions are immediately flooded and an uplifted mood accompanies the rest of the day. This is because of the colors and symbolism of these charming flowers. Tulips can be of various colors – red, yellow, pink, purple, burgundy, variegated, etc. Most of the time, they are very bright, so tulips of different colors go well together in one bouquet. For example, the contrast of yellow and purple tulips creates a truly unforgettable bouquet. Tulips also make everyone happy because of their symbolism. Since these flowers are spring, they usually bring with them warmth, light, good mood and great summer emotions. For this reason, tulips given in winter or very early spring immediately evoke many positive feelings. Also, tulips radiate femininity, sensitivity and sincerity, so with these flowers men or guys can express their warm feelings such as love, care, longing and others to special women or girls. Even a small bouquet of tulips can make a woman or girl happy and remind you of your love for her.