Unicorns helium balloons

Unicorn helium balloons are a great gift choice for any occasion –  for a bachelorette party, birthday or any other occasion for a friend, sister or child. The unicorn is a mystical, fairy-tale creature that brings playfulness to any occasion.

Unicorn helium balloons are large and come in a variety of colors. These features make them look extremely impressive and festive. These balloons can be given alone or can easily be combined with other balloons – pink, blue, pastel or white. Such a bouquet of balloons with a unicorn will definitely not leave a loved one indifferent.

If you don’t know how to express your feelings and thoughts in words, you can simply choose a unicorn helium balloon with the desired inscription. This gesture will not leave the addressee special and will certainly cause surprise and a smile. A colorful, playful and beautiful balloon will always add positive emotions to the celebration.

In cases where you are very far away or cannot deliver the gift yourself, you can choose the unicorn helium balloon you want in the Gintarės gėlės store and send it directly to the addressee, if the addressee is in the city of Vilnius or the Vilnius region.

Such a balloon can be a great addition to any gift – to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, sweets or other gifts.

Like other helium balloons, these helium balloon unicorns should be stored with certain recommendations in order to keep them as long as possible. The time of staying in the air depends on the environmental conditions – cold, heat, humidity. The more you play with the helium balloon, the faster it deflates. It can also shrink in the cold, but when brought into a warm room, the balloon returns to its original shape. Moisture can cause a helium balloon to become heavier and begin to descend. In order to prolong the flight time of helium balloons, it is not recommended to store them at home near a heat source, air conditioner, or in a draft.

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