Flowers by type

Flowers can always be classified by type – their true name. This makes it easier to choose which flowers to give. If you want to give a bouquet of one type of flower, the bouquet can be monochromatic and consist only of flowers of the same color, which will look perfect. However, if the bouquet is made of the same type of flowers, but of different colors, the bouquet will be original and interesting, you just need to match the colors.

Cut flowers are the most popular gift for congratulating both men and women on various occasions. Cut flowers can be of various types and colors, so they are easily adapted to different recipients and different celebrations. If we were to divide the picked flowers according to the recipient, for example, tulips and pink flowers are more suitable for women, blue irises, carnations for men, gerberas and sunflowers are most suitable for friends and buddies, and it is best to give roses, lilies, eustomas, etc. to loved ones. Also, different cut flowers can be customized according to the size and importance of the celebration. For example, alstroemeria or tulips can be given for a modest celebration or symbolic greeting, but for a large and solemn celebration, such as a wedding or anniversary, we suggest choosing refined flowers such as lilies, orchids or calla lilies. Many cut flowers are seasonal. This means that they are usually available only at certain times of the year. For example, tulip season is the end of winter, spring, so at this time you can find a wide variety of colors, sizes and flower shapes. For this reason, tulips are best given in early spring, as these spring flowers bring a lot of warmth, light and, of course, joy. It is also available with other cut flowers – peonies, sunflowers or daffodils, all these flowers are warm season, so it is difficult to find them in winter. That is why, as soon as summer begins, people look for peonies to give to their significant other or loved ones, because these flowers are the most pleasing and surprising when they bloom. Of course, there are some flowers that are available all year round – roses, alstroemeria, carnations and others. These flowers are versatile and suitable for all occasions, all seasons, but in no way can it be said that flowers that are popular all year round are less beautiful or less pleasing to the recipients. In this case, you should be happy that your significant other or loved one likes roses, which you can always get, and not peonies, which you have the opportunity to please only a few months a year.