Plush bears

Valentine’s Day, birthday, other holiday or just want to show love to your loved one? Teddy bears are a great choice. Big teddy bears are suitable for any occasion, your friend, sister or little addressee will definitely be happy to see a teddy bear that can compete with him in size. In Gintarės Gėlės shop you will find bears 100 cm, 160 cm or even 200 cm high. For those who want a more modest gift, a smaller teddy bear can be a suitable choice, which will also be a very cozy and warm gift.

When giving gifts, we want to show infinite love, care and gratitude and give a moment of comfort to our addressee. Teddy bears have quickly become a popular gift due to their versatility – they are a special, luxurious gift due to their size and at the same time cute and cozy due to their quality material. A plush teddy bear becomes an interior detail at home, and when you snuggle up to it, it fills you with coziness and reminds you of a loved one. It’s a gift that warms even the dreariest, coldest days.

Teddy bears become the best and softest friends at home. They are made of quality material, so they are very soft, which makes you want to hug them. These friends are easy to care for – they can be washed to get rid of dust. Due to the quality, they will look like new even after five years.

Bears can be with ribbons on the neck, with a cap or other accessories. Perhaps you want to make the addressee smile, then you can match the bear with sweaters, shoes or other details. Plush bears, being creamy, are suitable for any interior.

When giving teddy bears nearby, you can give sweet gifts or a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which will further enhance the impression of a loved one receiving a gift. You can color-match the additional gifts to the bear’s ribbon or other details.

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