Helium filled balloons "Numbers"

Helium balloons with numbers are a great way to make the celebration even more playful and unique. These balloons are suitable for both birthdays and various anniversaries, anniversaries, and centenaries. Such balloons can be of various colors. In the Gintarės gėlės store, you can choose a number of balloons in XXL size, which reach 90 cm.

Giant numbers of balloons will leave an impression on every participant of the celebration, this decoration is loved by many because of the pomp it creates. The numbers look great in photos, so they can be used instead of a photo wall during the celebration.

This fun, unique gift can come in a variety of colors, depending on your wishes and expectations. This can be adapted to other holiday decorations, interior colors or to the theme of the party. Balloons can be neutral cream or bright champagne colors, gold, silver, blue, red and others.

Number balloons as the highlight of the celebration or as a gift will suit any addressee. Newlyweds, sister, brother, friends, children, parents – everyone will be happy to have such a festive accent on their important day. Although these balloons look special on their own, they can easily be matched with other balloons to create a complete balloon arrangement.

Like other helium balloons, these helium balloons should be stored with certain recommendations in order to keep them as long as possible. The time of staying in the air depends on the environmental conditions – cold, heat, humidity. The more you play with the helium balloon, the faster it deflates. It can also shrink in the cold, but when brought into a warm room, the balloon returns to its original shape. Moisture can cause a helium balloon to become heavier and begin to descend. In order to prolong the flight time of helium balloons and extend the birthday atmosphere, it is not recommended to store them at home near a heat source, air conditioner, or in a draft. If you store helium balloons correctly, they will keep you happy for up to a week!

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