Flowers are a time-tested gift for all occasions. However, it is often difficult to choose which flowers the addressee would like the most. Gintarės Gėlės offers a selection of peony bouquets of enchanting beauty and wonderful fragrance, which are rapidly becoming popular. Peonies, originating from Asia and southern Europe, are flowers loved by many because of their impressive full-bodied flowers, which not only look festive and elegant, but also fill the entire room with a wonderful summery Provence scent.

The most popular, classic peonies come in bright or pastel pink and white, creamy colors. Peonies can be given individually or in bouquets due to their pompous flowers. In Gintarės Gėlės shop, you will find a selection of peony bouquets according to your wishes, from monochromatic to bicolor. Also, the bouquets can be in a box – this is a practical choice, as it will be very convenient for the addressee – there will be no need to take care of the vase and the bouquet composed in this way will last longer.

Large-flowered peonies, despite being pompous flowers, can easily be incorporated into mixed bouquets, as they work well with roses, hyacinths, other flowers and green leaves. Such a fresh, romantic and at the same time luxurious spring bouquet will suit and please a friend, mother or sister on any occasion.

In order for the bouquet to last as long as possible, proper care is important. If you choose a bouquet outside of a box, keep in mind that if you cut the tip of the stem diagonally with a sharp knife, the water will absorb better and the peonies will last longer. When giving a bouquet, it is best to choose one in which half of the flowers are open and half are buds. In this way, the bouquet will not only look wonderful during the celebration, but also, after the blossoms have bloomed, the buds will bloom, which will delight even later.

A bouquet of peonies will not leave any girl or woman indifferent and will make you feel special.