Blue roses

Did you know that the color of each rose sends a different message? Knowing their meaning makes it much easier to decide which roses to give, to choose for the decoration of the home or any celebration. Blue roses are special flowers that you can use to convey endless good emotions. This color symbolizes inaccessibility and ambiguous feelings, they are extremely mysterious, so they can be given as a seductive, elegant woman who wants to show her feelings, but still keep a little secret. Blue roses are a great gift for those who want to apologize, but don’t know how to express it in words, for a woman, flowers of this color can betray a man’s serious thoughts about her.

Also, blue roses are suitable for those who want to decorate weddings, christenings, first communion, because blue is the color of peace, so it is very suitable for these beautiful holidays. Those who want flowers of this particular color can contact the Gintarės gėlės team, which is always ready to help customers choose the most beautiful flowers. We can offer single blue roses, bouquets of blue roses or blue roses in buckets.

If you are planning to decorate your celebration with blue roses, it is better to choose single flower options so that you can combine them with each other and interweave them as you wish. A bucket of blue roses is a unique gift that will impress everyone. A ribbon matching the roses tied on the bucket will give the gift originality and elegance. You can also choose the classic version of the bouquet – you won’t regret it, because the blue roses will look extremely delicate.

Delivery of blue roses in Vilnius. We will deliver your chosen blue roses in Vilnius and its surroundings. Those wishing to order blue roses should notify in advance. This selection of extravagant roses is sure to surprise the recipient and brighten their surroundings with color and beauty.