A common holiday cannot be imagined without flowers. However, it is often difficult to choose which flowers the addressee would like the most. We offer you to choose cute, loved by many daisies with a wonderful smell. Chamomile was still known in Antiquity and was especially valued. Ancient Greek and Roman doctors, including the famous Hippocrates, used these flowers to treat various diseases.

Apple-scented flowers are an original choice of flowers – a white bouquet of daisies will not leave indifferent even those who do not like flowers. Also, these beloved and valuable flowers can be incorporated into other bouquets together with other flowers.

A summer bouquet of daisies will be a decoration of any interior, giving the home coziness and a festive mood. Small-flowered daisies charm everyone with their softness and simplicity, so your mother, sister or friend will surely like them on any occasion.

In order for a small-flowered white daisy bouquet to please as long as possible, it is important to take proper care of it. Before putting them in a vase, it is recommended to hold the stems of daisies over a candle flame for a few seconds – this will remove the milky white juice that sticks to them and prevents water from entering the cut.