Red roses

Red roses are probably one of the most commonly given flowers in the world. Roses of this color are popular, classic, suitable for giving to both men and women during various holidays. You can give red roses on anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, baby birth and other occasions. These flowers symbolize true, open and sincere love, so you won’t go wrong if you give them to your crush, girlfriend or wife.

The assortment of red roses in our online store:

  • Red roses in a box. Flowers in a box or flowers in a bucket are a unique, convenient and unusual solution. The flowers in the box are easy to transport, as they are already embedded in the water-filled oasis. We have a variety of options for boxed flowers. We offer a box of red and white roses, as well as a box of roses of various colors, a box of only red roses, a box of royal-looking roses with a heart, a box of roses filled not only with flowers, but also with sweets. We can also offer variations of red roses and other flowers such as alstroemeria. We also have square red rose boxes that look interesting and really unusual. Choose the variant of roses that you like best and be sure that these flowers will reach the recipient as you have chosen.
  • Bouquets of red roses. You can choose from exquisite and unique options of red roses in bouquets. In addition to classic red rose bouquets, we also have enveloped red roses, red roses and alstroemeria, red roses and other colored rose bouquets. And if you want to leave an indelible impression and really surprise the recipient – choose a bouquet of 101 roses. We have 101 red rose variations and 101 red and white rose bouquet variations. Such a bouquet looks not only beautiful, but also “shocking”. After all, red roses are the real queens of flowers, and when there are 101 of them in one place, just think…
  • Red sleeping roses. Red sleeping roses are non-toxic, so they are suitable for both families with small children and those with pets. We can offer red sleeping roses under glass in different sizes, as well as red sleeping roses embedded in an acrylic box. Both options look very nice and really fancy and stylish. The recipient will be able to place a red sleeping rose at home or at work, and this flower will delight him for at least several years, reminding him of the addressee every day.

Home delivery of red roses

Flower delivery in Vilnius and the surrounding districts of Vilnius is one of the services we provide. If you choose to have red roses delivered to your home, you will definitely surprise your beloved and dear person, it will be an exceptional surprise that will remain in your memory for a long time. The Gintarės gėlės shop courier will deliver the red roses you ordered to the recipient and take them to their home, workplace or other designated location. Be sure that the flowers will be transported safely and will reach the addressee as you ordered. Don’t forget that if you order for €40 or more, we will deliver the flowers for free.