Pink roses

Pink roses are flowers that radiate peace, beauty, and elegance, as if they were created specifically for women. Pink roses are usually given to the fairer sex, as this soft color is romantic and conveys a message full of love. Pink roses can be given to women on a wide variety of occasions, probably the most common are: March 8, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day. You will also definitely not go wrong giving pink roses to a mother who has just had a baby, symbolically to her child, you can give these flowers to your beloved mother, friend or sister on her birthday, to congratulate her on the occasion of school, university graduation or some special event.

We can offer pink roses:

  • Sleeping pink roses. You will definitely find small and large sleeping roses in the Gintarės gėlės online store. We have a small pink sleeping rose as well as a small dark pink sleeping rose, if you want a large one we can offer a soft pink and a bright pink sleeping rose in a tube. If you are looking for another option – contact us, we may have something to offer.
  • Pink roses in boxes. Flowers in buckets and flowers in boxes are a gift that never fades and still brings joy. This exclusive and unique way of giving flowers is in high demand and is chosen by a large number of people. If you also like the option of flower buckets and flower boxes, you can choose from: a box of white and pink roses, a box of only pink roses, a box of various colors that includes pink roses, a heart-shaped rose box and a box of colored roses.
  • Bouquets of pink roses. We have a wide variety of pink rose bouquets. We can offer only a bouquet of pink roses, as well as bouquets of pink roses and other colors and bouquets of pink roses and other flowers. The bouquets we offer look beautiful, we pack each of them in transparent paper and tie them with a ribbon that matches the flowers, so that the gift looks really special.
  • Picked roses. If you want to surprise a few colleagues, all the women in the family or more than one friend, you can buy unique variants of roses. One unit usually costs €2.50 during non-sale periods, so by buying one rose at a time, you will be able to congratulate more women.

We deliver pink roses in Vilnius and the surrounding areas of the capital. Our courier will deliver your chosen variant of pink roses and deliver it to the recipient at the time specified in the order. Be sure that we will transport the flowers safely, and the girl or woman who receives them will feel really special. After all, you just can’t not like pink roses.