Yellow roses

Yellow roses are brightly colored flowers that in Lithuania symbolize extremely pure feelings, such as joy, love for a close friend, care. In many countries of the world, yellow roses are given to express true friendship, to show how much a person cares, how important they are. These flowers can be given both to show attention on a normal day and on birthdays, baptisms, company foundings. Yellow roses bought in our store in a bouquet or box will make every woman and man happy because they will look beautiful and stylish.

We have interesting yellow rose arrangements and can offer:

  • Bouquets of yellow roses. A bouquet of yellow roses is a stylish and elegant combination that is sure to be appreciated by every recipient. We do not only have yellow rose bouquets, but we can also offer yellow and pink rose bouquets, as well as yellow and red, yellow and other rose bouquets. Choose from our assortment the option that suits you the most.
  • Yellow sleeping roses. Sleeping roses in themselves seem like a unique way to surprise. The yellow sleeping rose looks very beautiful, as if from a fairy tale, we sell it under a dome. We can offer a large and small sleeping rose that will stay in the recipient’s home for at least a few years. Stabilized flowers do not cause allergies to people or animals, so feel free to give them to people who have a baby or bought a pet. We also advise you to give yellow sleeping roses as a gift on the occasion of the company’s opening or anniversary, because they do not bloom and will remind you of your participation and good wishes by standing in the company for at least a few more years every day.
  • Box of yellow roses. Rose buckets are a convenient option when you want to transport flowers from one place to another. Yellow roses are already submerged in a water-filled oasis, so they do not bloom. We can currently offer a box arrangement of yellow roses and other colored flowers, as well as a box of yellow roses alone and a box of yellow and other colored roses. Rest assured that each variation looks stylish and unique.
  • Picked yellow roses. If you want to give one yellow rose to your loved one, or maybe one flower to several friends, you can definitely do it. In our online store you will find the option of buying a single flower. It is suitable for all occasions when you want to surprise a loved one with a flower or add it to the main gift.

The prices of yellow roses vary among themselves. They depend on the quantity of yellow roses, as well as the chosen type of gift, whether the yellow roses are sold alone or with other flowers. Our courier will deliver your order to the recipient at the specified time, so you can be sure that the yellow roses will reach your loved one when you wanted. Delivery throughout Vilnius and the nearest districts of Vilnius.