Sleeping roses

We deliver sleeping roses in Vilnius by ourself, and to other Lithuania cities (Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Šiauliai and elsewhere) we do it through parcel terminals or post office services. If you had to imagine the perfect flower, what would it be? Probably, looking like it was just picked, gently unfolded, not losing its color, not wilted, exquisite. That’s what sleeping roses are like.

Sleeping roses

Sleeping roses under the dome are otherwise called dormant. They appeared on the market quite recently, but they have already managed to impress people and win their hearts with their beauty. These are live, not artificial flowers, grown in a natural environment, but soaked in a special liquid that preserves and stabilizes the flowers.

Stabilized roses can be a great gift for birthdays, christenings, weddings or other important dates. Also, a sleeping rose can very nicely decorate the interior of every home or office, so choose a flower you like and enjoy it non-stop for several years.

We can currently offer white, red and pink sleeping rose under the dome. Choose the option you like the most and use it to decorate your environment or give it to a loved one who could decorate their home with a sleeping flower.

Caring for sleeping roses

Sleeping roses under the hood do not need special care. They just stand and fascinate others with their beauty. Best of all, these flowers don’t need to be watered, so they won’t wilt even after a few years, and you can leave the house for a longer period of time without worrying about the sleeping rose going without water. Try to regularly clean the accumulated dust from the rose. You can blow them off or use a soft cloth.

Keeping sleeping roses

Although sleeping roses do not require very special care, there are several aspects of their storage so that the flowers stand as long as possible and keep their beauty intact.

  • It is best if the sleeping rose stands at room temperature. The most ideal option is at least + 5oC and no more than + 30oC
  • Try to keep the sleeping rose out of direct sunlight. These can fade rose petals after a while, so avoid them.
  • Monitor the humidity level in the room where the sleeping rose is placed. Excessive humidity can harm the flower, so the humidity level in the house should not exceed 80 percent.

The price of sleeping roses

The price of sleeping roses varies. It depends on the chosen flower and its composition. Dormant roses under the hood cost only a little more than bouquets or box of live flowers, but these are thrown away after a while due to withered flowers, and a dormant rose decorates your life for about three years.

Sleeping roses online

The team tries to offer its customers as many flowers as possible, so now you can buy a sleeping rose and give it to your loved ones. Order the sleeping rose you like online – this method is extremely convenient and fast. We deliver flowers all over Lithuania – in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and other cities.

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